Frequently Asked Questions about Talkray

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Q.What is Talkray?
A. Talkray is the most powerful communication app available on Android/iPhone. You call one or a group of friends at once, in HD quality. You can one-button send text, voice messages, pictures and videos, even during a live call. You can also add more people to an ongoing call. All you need is their phone numbers. Talkray is quick, simple and free. Download Talkray and turn your Android/iPhone into the ultimate communicator.
Q. Where can I download Talkray?
A. If you have an Android/iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, please search for Talkray in the App Store.
Q. What does Talkray require?
A. Talkray works on Android/iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (iOS4 or higher) that has a data connection. It has been tested on WiFi and multiple carriers' cellular networks (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA1X, 3G).
Q. Does a Talkray call/chat use my voice minutes or SMS?
A. No. Talkray calls and chats use data connections. No voice minute or SMS is used Talkray calls or chats. If you use wifi exclusively for data connections, Talkray calls and chats would cost you absolutely nothing. If you use your carrier's cellular data service, we highly recommend you get a data plan with at least 1GB.
Q. How do I see who are in the current call? In a group call, how do I see who is speaking?
A. Swipe the talk screen to the left.
Q. Do I need to keep Talkray in the foreground to receive calls?
A. No. Talkray takes advantage of iOS4 multi-tasking capability. As long as you open Talkray at least once after installing it, Talkray will automatically ring when there is an incoming call.
Q. What is the "Share" tab for?
A. To use Talkray, your friends also need to have it installed on their Android/iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. You can invite people to use Talkray by using the "Share" tab. It would compose an invitation SMS or email, and let you review it before sending it.
Q. How do I add a new contact so I can Talkray him/her?
A. Add the person in your Android/iPhone's Contacts as you normally would. Come back to Talkray and go to the Contacts tab, s/he should be there now.
Q. How can I change the volume of the Talkray call?
A. With Talkray open in the foreground, you can adjust the volume of Talkray calls by pressing the volume buttons (on the side of your Android/iPhone, with plus and minus signs on them).
Q. How can I mute Talkray call?
A. You can completely silence Talkray by flipping your Android/iPhone's silence switch (on the side of your Android/iPhone, above the volume buttons).
Q. How do I check if Talkray on my phone is connected with the server?
A. Bring Talkray to the foreground, go to the Settings tab. If the last contact with the server is more than 20 minutes ago, the phone has lost its connection with the server. In that case, make sure your data connection is good.
Q. Why am I getting "Network unavailable - Try again later" all the time?
A. Make sure your data connection is good and you can browse web.. Also please update Talkray to the latest version and try again.
Q. Why am I getting "Above contacts are not on Talkray"?
A. That means the number you try to Talkray is not connected with our servers. It can be any of the following reasons.
  1. Your friend does not have Talkray installed. You can use the "Share" tab to ask him/her to install Talkray.
  2. If your friend has an Android/iPhone, make sure he/she enter the right number in his/her Talkray. In US and Canada, it must be the full 10-digit number with area code.

Q. Does Talkray support Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone?
A. Talkray currently works on Android/iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (requires iOS4 or higher). Our developers are marching towards bringing Talkray to as many platforms as possible. If you would like to be among the first to know about Talkray's new releases, please follow us on twitter,
Q. Will Talkray remain free?
A. We may add premium features down the road. However, rest assured that what is offered for free today will remain free.
Q. Does Talkray work for non-US users?
A. Yes. Talkray currently supports phone numbers in US, Canada, UK, India, Philippines, Singapore, UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is going to be in more countries very soon.
Q. Does Talkray support international calls and chats?
A. Yes. You can call and chat from anywhere to anywhere in the world, all for free. To call or chat with someone international, simply put the full international number for him/her in your address book. A full international number is your country's exit code + destination country code + phone number. For example, a user in the US calling UK would put 01144 followed by the UK phone number. A user in India calling US would put 001 followed by the 10-digit US number.
Q. Can I still use Talkray when I am traveling (internationally)?
A. Even if you travel to a different country (or planet for that matter), as long as you have a data connection, Talkray will work just fine. But watch out for data roaming charges by your carrier, or stick to wifi only for Talkray calls/chats when overseas.

We have reports from US users who Talkrayed their friends in US while traveling in Japan/Mexico/Panama/South Africa.
Q. Can Talkray use my google voice number instead of my regular phone number?
A. Yes.
Q. Does Talkray sell my phone number?
A. Absolutely no! You can rest assured that Talkray does not and will not sell your personal info, including your phone number, to any third party.
Q. What if my question is not answered in this FAQ?
A. Free to email

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